How it Works

With Trend Marquees, you receive our complete and undivided attention and care. You work only with the owners to ensure that every last detail is covered from beginning to end. We won’t pressure you to book with us and understand you will want to shop around for a company that best suits your needs.

If you are considering Trend Marquees and would like a quote, we will take you through the following steps to ensure that all costs are covered and up-front so there are no surprises:

  • We will conduct an in-depth site visit. After viewing the location, we will use our experience and expertise to help tailor the marquees and layouts to make the event run smoothly.
  • We will work with you to see if you would like any of our accessory options (flooring, lining, or lighting) and/or if you would like us to work with our partners for additional items. We will never sell you something that you do not want, or that is not required.
  • We will give you a fully-itemised quotation explaining everything you’re being charged for. We respect that everyone has a budget to adhere to and we want you to have all of the charges up-front. We will also supply you with a CAD drawing of your event to help with your planning.
  • If you are happy with the quotation and have chosen a date for your event, we require a 15% deposit to hold the equipment for your event. The remaining balance is to be paid prior to our arrival the week of the event.
  • We are solely committed to you and will give you plenty of time to dress the marquee with your own personal touch. We will be there with you to help make sure it looks the way you envisioned it.
  • Once the event is finished, we aren’t in a hurry to have you collect your personal touches. We respect that collection can often take a couple days after the event finishes.

The Best Marquee Hire in the Midlands


All of our marquees are made of the highest quality, robust, clear span materials. They are white canvas pvc, which is fire retardant.


All of our marquees are structured so that you can use the whole space inside without having to worry about poles, ropes, or low eaves. They start at 3m and increase in 3m sections up to your required length. For a rough guide to determine the size your event please click on the button below.


We have a range of panels that can be arranged anywhere on the marquee sides. These panels can be opened or closed and can consist of the new and modern total vision walling, or a glazed door.

Multiple Marquees

If you have more than one marquee, then all marquees are joined together with a pvc “gutter” to help protect your party from our great British weather.

Marquee Stability

We know that the weather can be unpredictable. All of our marquees are pinned into the ground with three foot metal stakes (once the underground services have been checked and cleared). If we are unable to use stakes for any reason, the structure will then be weighted by either a 1,000 litre water container or concrete weight (which is strapped to the marquee).

Marquees and Venues

All of our structures can be joined to most buildings. This is a great way to make a smooth link from inside a building to the marquee outside. We can also make sure the building decor carries on to the marquee seamlessly.

Already have a Venue?

If you already have a venue and don’t need a marquee, we can still help!  This is something Trend Marquees is very experienced in. We have the ability to think beyond the box and transform indoor areas with our expertise in linings and lighting. We can make a normal, dated room into a venue your guests will be amazed by. We have the knowledge, experience and contacts to make anything work. To get a hold of us, please click here.

More of what we offer

When you decide to choose marquee hire, you’re choosing so much more than just a marquee. At Trend Marquees, our Midlands marquee hire comes with a range of additional services to ensure you achieve your dream venue for your wedding, corporate event or private party.


One of the most important aspects of your marquee rental is finding high quality flooring that will not only ensure everyone is safe throughout your event, but offers a great aesthetic look to your marquee. We have several options of flooring for you to consider.

Interlocking hardwood floor

Our interlocking wooden flooring system provides the perfect stable support for your guests’ tables and chairs. Ideally, we’ll lay it to the contours of the ground, but we can use extra materials and labour to make the ground more even if the marquee is being pitched on especially uneven ground. Whilst this costs more, it means there’s one less thing you need to worry about when planning your event. Depending on your budget, we will then either lay brand new event carpet for you or choose from an extensive range of pre-used carpet.


In the summer months (when heavy rain is less likely), we have the option of using our new recycled event carpet is offered in a variety of different colours to match with your colour scheme, theme or company branding and nailed to the grass with a waterproof underlay.


At Trend Marquees, we have a lot of experience setting up the linings of the marquees. If it’s not done correctly, the lining will get dirty, hang loose, and lose the shape. At Trend Marquees, we ensure all linings are clean and ready for your event. All of our linings are fire retardant and adhere to industry standards. Below are the four types of linings we offer. Click on the buttons to view more information about each type.


At Trend Marquees, we can offer a wide variety of lighting to really make your event unique.  The lighting can really change the whole look of your event at night and it’s something we have a lot of experience in creating.  All of our lighting is fitted safely and correctly. The lights all go through a very strict check system before being used. They are all PAT tested and fitted with the relevant stickers for safety.  Please click on the below lighting options for more information.


We understand the significance of your event, and how important it is to shop around for the best marquee company. We have a complete no obligation policy and will not apply pressure in any way. When you book with us, we endeavour to assist you in the best way possible. We will use our expertise and contacts to ensure your event turns out the way you envision it. Our values, work ethic, and commitment are what set us apart.