Marquee weddings are a popular choice with couples for reasons such as generally costing less, giving you less to organise and more creative freedom. Whilst marquees are generally cheaper and do give you far more freedom, you will still have a lot to organise and oversee and if you have chosen to have a marquee wedding, here are just 5 things you and your partner will have to think about.

When you choose a marquee company to work with, they should give you some guidance and help you to make any decisions you’re not yet sure about.


What style of marquee do you want?

The site where you will have the marquee located and the theme or style of your wedding will both play a massive role in deciding which kind of marquee you should choose for your special day, whether it’s a frame, giant tipi or traditional marquee. There will be some locations where the guy ropes of traditional marquees simply wouldn’t be appropriate – such as tennis courts or courtyards with hard flooring.

Other decisions that will have an impact on the type of marquee you choose include whether you want a completely open side to your marquee or windows and doors? Do you want to incorporate a feature such as a pond, tree or plant into your wedding venue?


What is your theme or style?

Recent years have seen marquees decorated in traditional and rustic styles, with an open side, no lining and bare trestle tables for an understated and vintage feel. Despite this, marquees are incredibly flexible when it comes to themes and styles, and a modern and elegant look can easily be achieved.

If you’re not sure how you’d dress your marquee, the marquee company you’re working with will be able to give you a wide range of ideas.


What kind of tables will you be using?

The type of tables you have at your reception will make a difference to the size and style of marquee that’s best suited to your wedding. Round tables are more traditional and are great for conversation, but they can seem formal and they take up far more space.

On the other hand, long banqueting tables will help you to save on space and look great even when simply dresses. You don’t have to worry about a traditional seating plan, but it does put a slight limit on the number of people each guest can talk to over dinner.


You’ll have lots of ceiling space

Marquees are tall structures and give you lots of height that you can use to let your imagination run wild. If you’re looking for an intimate or polished look, draping can be used wonderfully, and bunting, hanging lanterns, crystals, chandeliers and even origami birds can all help you to put your own special stamp on the day.


How are you going to light up your marquee?

There are numerous options when it comes to choosing the lighting for your marquee, and your marquee company will be able to take you through lots of different options to suit your taste. You’ll also need to think about how you’ll be lighting up outside areas like car parks and the exit from the venue. Additionally, if you’re going to have a hog roast or anything going on outside, you’ll need to provide lighting for that as well.

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