Here at Trend Marquees, we often work with happy couples who have found it impossible to find a venue that both meets all their requirements and that they simply feel good about. Your wedding is the most important day of your life and you shouldn’t have to compromise on something as important as your venue. Marquee offer an almost unlimited level of flexibility and give you complete control over your special day, which is why so many couples choose them over indoor venues.

With the wide range of accessories and extras we at Trend Marquees offer, you can even choose to have a marquee wedding in the colder winter months without sacrificing any comfort or style.

Make your vision a reality

Everyone has a stunning vision of how their wedding should look, and it’s much easier to yours a reality with a marquee. You have a blank canvas to work with, rather than being constricted by a building that may not provide you with the kind of atmosphere you want. Many of our happy couples choose Trend Marquees because we offer complete versatility, perfect for creating the perfect wedding theme.


Marquees are incredibly cost effective compared to indoor venues, who generally charge ‘per head’. If a traditional venue is going to cost too much for your guest list, or you simply can’t find a venue large enough, marquees provide the answer. Whether you use a marquee to extend a traditional venue, or you decide to choose a marquee instead, you can relax knowing your marquee will give you and your guests the space you need. Additionally, marquees are costed based on their size, not per guest, making them particularly popular with larger weddings.

Another thing to bear in mind is that with a marquee wedding, you can independently choose all your wedding suppliers, so whether you want a specialised bar, catering company or anything else, it can easily be achieved.

Offer shelter for outdoor weddings

Outdoor weddings are stunning, but the unpredictable British weather can only be relied on to make the day a little more wet and windy. Having a marquee for your reception means that you and your guests don’t need to worry about any unexpected showers and can stay warm and dry whatever the weather. Even in the middle of winter, the team at Trend Marquees will ensure you’re all toasty and warm, so you can simply enjoy your wedding day.

Choose the perfect location

If you’ve dreamt of having your wedding at a meaningful location, or even if you want to host your reception in a garden you love, choosing marquee hire for your wedding means you can enjoy your wedding day in the place you love the most.

Greater flexibility over the finishing time

The vast majority of wedding venues require you to wrap everything up by midnight, but some happy couples want to spend all night partying and celebrating with their guests – after all, it is the most joyous day of your life! Whilst you’d have to liaise with your suppliers, keeping the party going after midnight is much more of a possibility when you choose marquee hire.

Here at Trend Marquees, we provide beautiful marquees for happy couples throughout Northamptonshire. For more information, call us today on 03330 118 833 or send us a message online.